Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The morning case of fashion blanking.

To all those morning people who literally roll out if bed and stare at their dresser like its the devil, I know how you feel. There are people who wake up and honestly don't care if they look good. Fashion is a large part of our society , especially in high school. Every school has the posh fashion people and then there is the people who don't even match.

 Fashion blanking is the case where you wake up and just can't seem to think of an outfit. Clashing colours is very dangerous to your image and fashion blanking doesn't help. Fashion blanking is seen more so in those who rush in the morning. When you rush you are suddenly prone to fashion blanking, why? Because your mind is freaking out and can't properly perceive your wardrobe.

Colours colours colours that's all you see, but none of those colours seem to fit together. People tend to have a colour scale and if there isn't one colour to go with the other then that outfit is a dead end. Light Brown and bright red never go together, but why? They are such lovely colours, well because nobody knows how to create an outfit with such different colours.

 Morning blanking happens to everyone and we make it into a life or death situation, so for those who have to rush, get up earlier and for those who just don't have any fashion sense, good luck in high school.

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  1. This would for sure happen to me, it has a couple of times before but luckily I plan my outfits for the upcoming week and then lay them out the night before! (sad, I know)