Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Blanking when in trouble

I'm guessing that I'm not the only one who does this, but many times I have blanked when in trouble with my parents. Whenever your parents accuse you of something, it seems that you just shut down. Whether you did it or not we still go into panic mode. Most children are scared of their parents; I know I am, if you aren't, well you probably should be. When we do something bad we always seem to think we can get away with it, and maybe we can for a little while, but what happens when we finally get caught. Teenagers live off of excuses, so when we blank, excuses are our plan B. Parents also blank especially if they are parents who don't discipline their children often. When a parent blanks it is probably about your punishment, and we all know parents use our weaknesses as a means to come up with a decent punishment. Being in trouble is the worst feeling ever, it's disappointing and embarrassing. So unless you rehearse what you're gonna say when you get caught, you are most likely to blank when the time comes to face the wrath of your parents.


  1. I'm usually pretty good about lying to my parents. I'm the opposite, when they ask me a question I spill everything

  2. I think anticipating being in trouble is far worse than actually getting in trouble. Just the thought of my mom being disappointed in me causes me anxiety. I most often think of excuses ahead of time, but the odd time I'm confronted with a problem I hadn't anticipated would be discovered, I definitely "blank it"