Tuesday, October 22, 2013

peer pressure

Peer pressure is such an ordinary thing these days. With all the temptations its hard to say no. We often get offered to participate in something we know is wrong and we suddenly go blank, we can't think of the one simple word. No. How many times have you been offered an escape, a release, a calm? Now how often have you excepted that temptation? Its so hard for today's society to stand up to peer pressure. Blanking may seem harmless in this situation, but its not. Blanking in a situation like this can cause real harm, by hesitating, your considering the pros and cons; and letting your mind convince you to possibly give in. I have been offered so many things in my short life that can have a huge impact on me and those around me, and I can surely say I have blanked in the situation, why? because I started thinking what could be wrong with this. That's the start of giving in. You should feel comfortable with saying no to your friends, and peers, if you can't, then maybe you need to find new friends. Real friends would never pressure you. Blanking isn't a sign of weakness, it's a sign of humanity. if your pressuring someone, stop. If your being pressured don't let your mind blank. Stay strong and be you.

Don't give in to peer pressure.


  1. What if your friends were pressuring you to go to university when you thought you weren't smart enough? Peer pressure can be a positive or a negative thing. Also, I'm not sure you can not be friends with people that don't pressure you what so ever. You either learn to deal with pressure and thinking independently, or you don't have any friends.

    1. If your friends were pressuring you to do something good, then I don't think it should be classified as peer pressure so much as encouragement.

  2. It's not impossible to stay away from peer pressure. Peer pressure can be positive but either way it's still pressure. It would be best to find people who accept you as you are...it is possible to find people like that.

  3. That it is true. Those people do exist, I just think that be able to deal with pressures in your life, either peer or not, is an important skill to have.

  4. I agree with the other comments, you have to be able to cope with pressure, be it peer or otherwise, in life. And yea, it's not always bad. For example, maybe some parents pressure their kids into going to school every day to get an education, despite them really not wanting to go. At the same time, if you know it's something you probably shouldn't do, then don't do it.