Monday, September 30, 2013

Blanking about blanking, My personal experience.

So I'm here to advise you that I am blanking about what to write for blanking, Ironic ain't it. I was given the opportunity to write about something that affects everyone, so why can't I write about it...because all of the topics run into dead ends, you can only explain so much. So what is blanking , well my fellow readers, blanking is the action of losing thought, unable to come up with a response, or simply just not knowing what to say. There is no main origin for blanking, it's just something that happened. We are all nervous when unexpectedly put in the spotlight, so we lose all train of thoughts. You can't tell me you have never blanked,
cause I know you have, it's natural so get over it. My blog is mainly going to be about my personal experiences with the subject as well as those of others. This may sound boring but because we all have done it I think you will understand my need to tell the world. My most recent experience was during a church service I attended. I was called on to answer a very simple biblical question , but I blanked and said " Umm I've never read that story" it was the story of Moses. I know that story the best out of all others, but even though I knew it I still blanked. I'm not perfect. So that's when you feel the blood rush to your cheeks and all eyes bore into your soul. So know that it happens to all people whether  they are smart or not. I can't think of anything else to write here, so I guess this is good bye, I apologize about the blanking.